Can't save MP3's

Hello, I installed lame and it worked the first time however i cannot save mp3’s anymore, I’ve tried everything, reinstalled both audacity and lame but nothing. The message i keep getting is:
You are about to export a MP3 file with the name…
Normally these files end in “.mp3” and some programs will not open files with nonstandard extensions
Are you sure you want to export this file.

anyway i try to save it comes out with a file i can play on my computer, has no icon attached and if i try to save it to a phone or memory card, anything it wont read it

Avoid using full stops (“period” / “dot”) in the file name.
If you have a dot in the file name, Audacity assumes that you are adding the file extension.

And if you need the dot in the file name, just add “.mp3” (without the quotes) to the end of the file name before you export the MP3.