Can't save file

Audition v 3.1.3, Win10 v 21H1

OK, I started my first session with Audacity by converting a batch of WAV files to Mp3. That went fine. But then when I tried to save to a folder I’d created I got the message below, with “would you like to save to Music instead.” (NO. But I did, and moved the files to the proper folder on the (Seagate external) HD I’ve dedicated to audio files.)

I AM the administrator, also the only user of this computer. I’m quite befuzzled as to how to contact me to “obtain permission.”

You don’t have permission to save in this location. Contact administrator to obtain permission.

There’s probably some stupidly obvious way to fix this but I’m too stupid to figure it out :wink:

TIA for any suggestions.

Auntie R

What was the name of that folder?
Where was that folder?
How is the drive (where that folder is) formatted?
How are you “trying to save”?