Can't save a project or export to a file

Version 2.1.3
Windows 10

When I try to save a projects or export a project to desktop or any other file location…I get errors that say no files exist or can’t save this file type. Doesn’t make sense. Any ideas?
I would use a name like ShootingStar to save a project and exporting. I tried a wav file, mp3, and other file types with the same outcome.

I would use a name like ShootingStar

Is that the whole name? You can get into trouble by including some spaces, punctuation marks, dots, etc. I export or save to my desktop as “safe ground” and then move on from there.

Did you start the filename with a space by accident?

Are you working with Network drives or On-Line services?

Are you the registered user of this computer? There have been some Audacity problems where it tries to save/export work into the System part of the machine. Neither Windows nor Mac likes that very much.

no files exist or can’t save this file type.

That’s a strange one for me. Maybe the Windows people will have an idea.


I actually did start with a space in the name. Then when I got the error I removed the space. Also tried a new name with the same result.
The laptop I use when recording with audacity is a personal laptop. I don’t have a WiFi connection at my rehearsal space (unless I take my hot spot, but did not have it last night). The only thing plugged in is the power and the mic coming from my Allen & Heath FX10 mixer.

Note: i was running a beta version at one time and still have that on my machine. I downloaded the latest version yesterday and it seemed to replace the and update necessary files.
Everything seemed to be working fine while using Audacity. Just the saving and exporting was the only problem.

Also a message “there are no more files”

Exit Audacity. Reinstall Audacity by resetting preferences:

Restart Audacity. Generate > Tone and OK. Export. Save Project. Post the log from Help > Show Log… . You may have permission errors or a bad drive. Please see how to attach files to forum posts.