Can't run Audacity 2.0.2 after installation

Hi all,

I have just installed Audacity 2.0.2 and everything works fine but as soon as I try to run a program, I get the following notifications: Can’t load Module. ‘LogSlope2’; Can’t load Module. ‘Soundbytes TouchSense3’ and Can’t load Module. ‘Caption’…and the program naturally won’t run.

What could this possibly mean, has anyone as well experienced similar problems and does anyone possibly have a solution to fix it?

Thanks in adavance

It sounds like you have an incompatible VST plug-in installed on your machine.
The only reference that I can find to ‘Soundbytes TouchSense3’ is a plug-in called “HurdyGurdy”
If you have that installed, try uninstalling it.

Well I do in fact have hurdy gurdy installed on my computer… I’ll try uninstalling now.

Thank you :slight_smile: