Can't remove vocals!?

Sorry to bother but I have spent three hours trying to remove the vocals from the same song. It is eyes on fire by Blue Foundation and I’ve looked up numerous tutorials but none have them have worked. I use Audacity 2.0.3 on windows 8 and nothing seems to work, anyways thanks!

Most times vocal removal doesn’t work no matter whose software you use. You need a good quality stereo show with the singer in the exact dead center of the stereo field and no stereo special effects. That short list kills a lot of people because music downloads can be mono which doesn’t work at all and a great number of musical numbers have echo or reverb which tends to hang around after removal.

Download and try to vocal remove this clip. It’s really short.

Set the filter for 20-20000 (all audio).

The third segment should remove completely leaving segments one, two, and four. If that works for you, then everything is working right and the music you picked will never work.