cant recored with my keyboard organ

i have windows xp , i am very fresh with the “recording stuff”…
i own a General music keyboard , cd 10.
i bought a usb midi cable.
i pluged the midi in and midi out to the keyboard and nothing seems to work.
i have no idea what to do , the midi cable came with no disk.
please if some one knows how to work that thing , il be thankfull.

thanks all !.

Can you hear the keyboard with built-in speakers or headphones?

You want to record the music you make on your Windows laptop (stop me anywhere)?

Your keyboard description doesn’t Google.

Many keyboard/organs have a midi connection. It’s not Sound. Midi is machine control where you can press a key on your computer and the keyboard makes music or the other way around. To get sound from the keyboard to the computer, you have to run audio cables between them.

Again, I can’t find your keyboard, but I bought a headphone adapter to plug into the headphone connection of my keyboard and has standard audio connections on the other. If you have a normal Windows laptop, you have no stereo sound connections, but you can fake that by adding a USB device such as the UCA202. You would plug it all together like this. My sound mixer would become your keyboard.

This is from my Yamaha keyboard.

Let us know if you need more detail.


first , i have a Personal computer.
i want to record the keyboard trough the PC.

i have that keyboard: general music , cd 10,r:0,s:0,i:69,r:3,s:0,i:78

[two pictures above].

There is another device that i need to that recording thing?

MIDI is not audio.

To record the sound (audio) of the keyboard in Audacity you will need to either connect an audio output from the keyboard to your computer sound card, or use a microphone to record the sound from your keyboard.

The keyboard’s exact made and model is: “Gem CD 10”.
I’ve attached a screenshot from its manual.
As you can see you have 2 jack slots “Nr.4”, from there you connect to the device that kozikowski suggested to you or similar device depending on your country availability or your willing to dig around the web.
Then you connect the device to your computer.
Alternatively you could play around with a HI-FI, just be sure it got RCA line-in and line-out so you can connect and record to your computer.

Cool. You don’t have to mess with the headphone adapters. Your keyboard has connections to do this built-in.

If you have a full-on PC with all three sound connections, you should be able to connect the keyboard to the soundcard directly.


can i connect the usb midi cable to the soundcard?
there is no usb jack on the soundcard

please ignore my ignorence in that meterial. ^^

No you can’t. There is no USB audio input.

What’s confusing me is that the image shown in the CD10 manual (as in the post by audino) does not have a USB connection. :confused:
It has two audio output connections (marked “4” in the picture). You need a lead to connect those two outputs to the “line input” of your sound card (as described by Koz).

i have no idea what that “lead” means . like i sayd before man , im very new with this.

if someone could tell me what i need to download , buy ,use that would be nice .

If the back of your keyboard is as shown in the picture, and your computer sound card is as shown in the picture from Koz, then you need a “stereo audio cable” with “two 6mm mono jack plugs” on one end and “one 3.5mm stereo jack plug” on the other end.

and if i would buy that item , then il need some drivers no?

Does that cable look like that? -

If your soundcard has the blue connector as the one shown in Koz’s picture…

… then yes, that’s the correct cable.

No, if your soundcard is working already, the drivers you need are already installed. The cable is just that, a simple cable. There’s no additional electronics involved.


If you have all those parts, you have one of the rare simple Windows machines.


now i shall search for such cable .

thank you all for you dedication and help , apreciate all !.

i have one last question , i have to get it right.
i am about to purchase a 2M 3.5mm STEREO Jack to 2x 6.35mm 1/4" MONO Plugs Cable.
i will plug the two 6.35mm to the Right/Left out inputs [number 4 on the picture the -audino - uploaded].
and the single 3.5 jack goes to the soundcard.

after all that , i will enter the audacity and just start recording?

Yes. Your organ supplies two different sounds for each note. Left and Right – two mono signals. In my case, my “cathedral” sound is very deep and I can hear the room wrapping around me because the left and right sound is slightly different – just like I was in the church.

The cable combines them into one Stereo plug, the tiny 1/8" plug which is what the blue connection in the back of the computer is expecting. This is what the 1/8" plug is doing. Left, right, and protective shield to keep out hum and buzz. (top picture).

You’re still going to have to tell Audacity to poke Windows and tell Windows to switch to your show. You can do that with the Audacity tools on top of the edit window – the Device Toolbar.

It’s illustration 8 on the bottom of these instructions.