Can't record!

I am running macOS 11.6 Big Sur. The audio is coming from a Scarlett2i2 into Reaper DAW. I am using a stereo input. When I hit record the cursor moves like it is recording, but noting happens. The meter remains as it was, no recording!? The setup in Audacity is correct as noted above. What is going on!?

Do you mean “Audacity”, or are you trying to use Audacity and Reaper at the same time?

Have you given Audacity permission to use the “microphone” (The word “microphone” is used to mean any audio input device).
“Apple menu > System Preferences => Security & Privacy => left-hand menu, click the Privacy tab”

No, I meant Audacity. Reaper is not running. However, your solution for microphone permission did solve the problem! Thank you!!

So, now, when I try to record, the sound is coming from my monitors, but there is a delay: When I hit a note I hear it, then I hear it from the monitors a second later!?

To monitor the input without a delay (“zero latency monitoring”) you need to monitor directly from the Scarlett2i2, not from the computer’s sound card.

  1. If you turned on “Software Playthrough” (“Transport menu”), turn it off again.
  2. In the Device Toolbar, select the Scarlett2i2 as the playback device.
  3. Plug your headphones into the Scarlett2i2 for monitoring.

OK, that fixed THAT, but now I have another problem. I have a backing track that I wanted to slow down the tempo. No problem, but when I record, the recorded audio is also changed and no longer matches up with the BT. It seems to be an all or nothing change. I reaper I could change the tempo in individual tracks.

Did you “import” the backing track file?

and you can with Audacity too.

  1. Select the track that you want to modify (See:
  2. Apply the effect (I’m guessing that you want “Change Speed” or “Change Tempo”. See: and