Can't record

This is probably a simple problem but I can’t seem to record in audacity.

I can record no problem using a USB mic or the mic on my laptop but when I plugged in a steinberg interface and 2 shure mics into the interface, nothing happens.

I have the appropriate selections in both sound and mic. the interface is on. When I hit record, I see the levels move at the top right hand of the screen in front of mic but nothing actually records.

Any ideas on what I’m missing here? I should note I’ve turned off my computer and that didn’t help either.

my version is 2.3.2. btw.,

Thanks for your help.

How high are the levels going? An ideal level is when it peaks at around -6 dB, which is equivalent to the waveform being about half the track height.

about -48. it’s certainly no where near where it is with the regular mic. Something is off with the interface/mic set up - I just can’t for the life of me figure out what it might be. I’ve checked the cables on the mics, the interface is on, the levels are all knobs are all around the mid point…super frustrating.

Exactly what interface and what microphones are you using?

If you are using “studio condenser” microphones, make sure phantom power is turned-on. (There’s probably a switch on the interface.)

If your interface has meters, are you seeing a good signal?

Have you tried plugging headphones into the interface to make sure you’re getting a good analog signal?

And, what are you trying to record? i.e. Are you recording quiet bird calls? Are you singing/speaking loudly-directly into the mic? Recording a loud rock band?