Can't record


I’ve plugged in my microphone and dismuted it in the sound-mixer of my OS - now I can her the sound of the mic on the loudspeakers. I’ve also setted the device in the audacity-options, but when I click on record, he’s only recording calmness. :confused:
What are I’m doing wrong?

I’m using:

  • audacity 1.3.4-beta
  • Linux:
    ** Fedora 9
    ** Kernel 2.6.25
    ** Gnome

Beast regards,

“dismuting” the sound of the microphone will enable the sound to play through your speakers, but this is not the same as selecting the microphone as the recording source.

I’m not sure how you do it in Fedora, but if you have AlsaMixer installed you could try looking at the AlsaMixer documentation. There are also many GUI front ends for AlsaMixer that can make it much easier to set up. On Ubuntu with a SoundBlaster Live Value sound card, I use QAMix which is very user friendly.

Thank you for your tipp! I now found the option.
In the chanel-mixer of Gnome you’ve to dismoute the option “Mikrophone Capture” witch isn’t visible by default. (You can change this in the settings…)