Can't record

I’m using OS 10.4.11
Audacity loaded and installed fine
I tried to record streaming audio from the internet and from a file playing on my computer. I get a flat line after the cursor. I tried doing all the things it said on the trouble shooting instructions and nothing seems to help. I disconnected all USB devices, restarted, rebooted, still nothing. Please help.

Macs do not have a natural way to record internal audio, however it’s not that hard with the SoundFlower software.


I installed Soundflower. I tried different settings and this is what I can get to work so far:

System preferences Sound
Input: MacVide Audio Connector
Output: Soundflower (16CH)

When I stream audio, it records to Audacity (but I can’t hear it as it’s recording)
Then when I play it back inside Audacity, still can’t hear it.
When I save it and switch Output to External speakers, then i can hear it.

Is there a better way to set preferences so I can hear it while it’s recording and playing back?

Thank you

Get rid of MacVide. Uninstall it unless you actually, really need it.

Also look at this:

– Bill

That’s very helpful. Thank you!

Did you get it working?

– Bill