can't record

I was recording fine yesterday. Today it will not record…just a flat line when I push record. I have windows XP.

From the information provided, I can say with certainty - something is wrong.
If you need more help, you will need to give a bit more detail.

It is helpfull if you provide info on what you are trying to record, the gear you are using and anything else you think may aid someone in helping you, more info is a lot better than none.

First i would check all the simple things such as , are all cables still attached, can you hear what you are trying to record through the monitors, have you accidently changed any settings etc. once you have done this repost a new message with more specifics to make sure that you get your questions answered.

good luck

same here…for months no trouble then,nothing.all my seeting seem fine.unsing the same amp.same in the mic input of my laptop.using xp too.
i really need to fix it quick.goodluck

I’m facing the same problem. I can hear the music on my laptop but when i press the record button, only straight lines was recorded. NO SOUNDS. I have never change any setting. They work fine a few days back, i really don’t know what was going wrong. I use an Acer Aspire 5050 laptop. BTW, I’m recording my old vinyl from a kenwood player . Happy New Year

“I’ve changed nothing, but now it doesn’t work…”

It is extremely unlikely that Audacity will work one day then not the next unless something HAS changed.
It may not be you that has changed something though - does anyone else use the computer (perhaps changing the Windows mixer settings so they can use iTunes), has anyone used a vacuum cleaner near your computer and knocked one of the leads? Have you installed any new software, hardware or updates?

Without specific information, I can only make very general suggestions such as check all your leads, check the Audio I/O settings in Audacity, check the Windows mixer settings (for playback AND record).

If you still have problems in the new year - check these items first, and if still no joy post a new topic - Include information about what your soundcard is, what you have selected for input and output in the Windows mixer (assuming you are using Windows), what OS you are using (XP, Vista, OSX10 etc), what your Audio I/O settings are, and anything else that you think may help to diagnose the problem.

Happy New Year, and good luck :slight_smile: