Cant record with speakers

I’ve searched and searched on the internet nothing is working. i have version 2.0 but i cant record! i get a error message saying ‘‘check the input device settings and project sample rate’’ first off i dont know what either of those are lol :laughing: i’ve tried everything and all i wanna do is record audio from youtube and i dont have the sterio mix thing either, heck i cant choose any type of recording thing i cant choose ''sterio mix , ect like people say to choose please help! i just wanna record :cry:

You posted in a forum that doesn’t tell us anything about you. Win7? Vista? Laptop?

Newer Windows machines may not give you the tools to record internet audio. They’re business machines intended for the corporate user. Did you go through our instructions?


Its a desktop…about 5-7 years old and i do have windows 7 and i did follow the guide it didnt help any…could there be something wrong with my speakers? or something

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You probably do not have a valid recording device enabled.
See here for how to enable “Stereo Mix”, if available, or for alternative workarounds if it is not available on your computer:

I tried all of that, didnt work…im thinking theres something wrong with my speakers because when i go to see all of my devices that are on my computer…my speakers aint one of them :question:

That possibility is covered in the link that I posted.