Can't record with overdub turned on! HELP

When I turn overdub on, I can’t record. When I turn it off, I can record, but I can’t hear the beat. Can anyone help? Downloaded Audacity for the first time 2 days ago and I’ve been having big problems due to this. Thanks!

You have to record from a thing. I record from a Behringer microphone interface that arrives in Audacity as USB Audio CODEC. That’s what my Audacity recording window next to the microphone symbol says. That’s a real thing I can touch.

You can’t record from WASAPI, What-U-Hear or Stereo Mix. Those are sound pathway software managers and not real things. It’s very common to get this wrong because those are the software redirects used to record YouTube or other on-line music. Doesn’t work with overdubbing.

What’s your live performance device?


I use Audient ID22 as a interface and Rode NT1 kit microphone connected to it. I’ve worked with Ableton 10 live suit in the past with no problems, but windows upgrade screwed up my ableton, so as a temporary solution as I have to record things and I have a schedule I downloaded Audacity, hearing good things about it and knowing that it’s free to use.

I have no problem recording only one track (no instrumental), or when the overdubbing is off.

But when there is instrumental and overdubbing is on, when I press record it just gets stuck like this:

I have Audient ID22 and Rode NT1 Kit mic attached to it.
When I click on overdubing and I have 2 tracks, one with the beat on it, the recording is stuck and it just won’t record.
When I disable overdubbing I have no problem recording vocals.

There is one significant difference between straight recording and overdubbing. Audacity has to record from your device, but also has to play to it as well—at the same time. If either one fails, the overdub session will drop dead.

If you drop overdubbing, can you simple play to the Audient ID22 and your headphones?

Was there a driver package installed under Abelton and is it still there? Maybe you’re not actually using the Audient ID22, but instead the driver software.


The problem is I CAN record on a single track. But when I add a new track, pressing the record key results in nothing. It just doesn’t start recording.
This is my AnyDesk ID: 537 463 730
You can download it, and log in my computer, to see it firsthand.
This thread is actually citing the same problem, but I don’t think you are quite getting it.
The software CAN and is RECORDING, when there is only one track. But when I add another track for my instrumental, the software CANNOT record.
If someone can provide any answer, I’ll be very grateful.

One more pass. Can You Play To The Device under any condition? If microscopically viewing the recording service isn’t getting anywhere, maybe it’s not the recorder.


Check in the Windows Sound Control Panel and ensure that the Audient ID22 is set to run at 44100 Hz sample rate in both the Recording AND Playback device properties.

Yeah, it is 44100 Hz sample rate, I already checked this. I can record on any other software and I can record even in Audacity if it is on single track. But if I add new track for the beat, or just new track in general, the recording cursor doesn’t move and it’s stuck.

In the Windows Sound Control Panel, is “listen to this device” enabled for the recording device?

I have exactly the same problem. I’ve been using Audacity for over 2 years and the issue has recently surfaced. I can no longer record with over dub. I can’t find the solution, technically. And I can’t find a solution online, anywhere. This issue began for me when Audacity changed the record default setting, limiting it to the one track and not creating multi tracks on record. Having said that, in this Forum someone experienced the issue back in 2018. Audacity is a great App! I’d prefer to keep it but I need to be able to overdub so that I can hear all tracks. Any help would be greatly appreciated ???

What change was that? I’m not aware of such a change. Which version of Audacity?

Please, please, pretty please can someone resolve this issue? I’m having exactly the same problem. Windows 10. Audacity 2.3.3. I’ve used Audacity for years without issue and love it, but this problem just started recently and has driven me nuts! Nobody can provide an answer on line. As mentioned elsewhere in this thread, I also cannot record a second track with overdub checked. First track records, no problem. But, the cursor does not move for the second track unless I uncheck overdub, I can then record a second track but cannot hear (monitor) the first track whilst recording the second. Check overdub again to listen to the first track while recording the second, guess what? the cursor does not move, so unable to record the second track. Everything checks out fine with windows soundcard settings etc, my M Audio usb interface is recognised by Audacity and Windows as the default recording device - no problem, in fact, I have no issues at all using Ableton, but I use Audacity instead because it’s more user friendly for me and used to do a fine job for my needs before this! The problem seems to lie with the overdub button? Please offer a workable solution.

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