can't record with mic

I have just put audacity on my new Vista laptop and downloaded the Vista 32 driver. I wish to record my voice. I am using Vista Home Premium, a Rode NT1 mic and an Edirol UA-25 sound card. This combination worked fine on my old XP Laptop but now, when I try to use the mic, there is hardly any sound registering on Audacity. Very quiet and distorted. Audacity plays pre-recorded music loaded from other sources fine. Also, it is not the fault of my mic as the monitored sound through my headpohnes is fine too.

Any ideas.



I can’t help much with this one (I don’t use Vista) but this may be worth a look:

Many thanks. Tried the tip on the site you refered me to. Right clicked sound symbol on bottom bar, got mic imput and changed from computer mic to my external one and hey presto - sound on audacity.