Can't record with mic while tracks are open in project?

I don’t have an extensive knowledge of how to use Audacity, but I was using it just fine for months before the Windows 10 update. Once I updated, I can no longer record audio with my USB microphone while at the same time playing an existing track in the project. I have to have a completely clean project open with no other files playing in order to successfully record audio with the mic. I’ve already messed with the settings under the Audacity preferences AND toggled with my playback and recording devices on my OS and I can’t seem to remedy this problem. Please help.

Is this the same computer that was running the previous version of Windows?

What happens exactly when you try to overdub against existing tracks using the USB mic? If there is an error, what does the error say? What is the make and model number of the USB mic? If it requires manufacturer’s special audio drivers, did you update its drivers to Windows 10?

Unless the USB mic is also a playback device, I presume you are playing audio using the built in audio device. That device too needs the best possible Windows 10 drivers. Have you visited the web site of the computer or motherboard manufacturer to look for the latest Windows 10 audio drivers intended for your computer model?