Can't record what's coming in through the speakers

Hi there when I used my old laptop with XP I had the option of inputs, microphone or line in, I now don’t have that option on my new Samsung series 3 laptop with windows 8 on, I have downloaded and installed the latest Version od Audacity, if I just use the inbuilt mics it sounds awful, I want to record something from local FM radio station, but just get a straight line, options are Realtec mic or realtec something else, both seem to be influenced by microphone, any help greatfully excepted.

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See here:

I got over this problem some time ago, it was with my other laptop, it wouldnt record incoming sounds so i purchased a program that would and installed that…it worked after that, sorry if i shouted, i dont remmeber any of that…was too long ago…Fred.