Can't record w 2 mics

I am trying to record two mics at the same time on different tracks (for interviews with other people) but it is not working. No answer on youtube, or anywhere.
My computer is a Macbook pro, i have rwo Shure XLR mics conected to it through Scarlet focus right 3gen.

So, i’ve tried creating two tracks but when i give it rec it just records one track (one mic).

That’s not a device. That’s a product group. Do you have a 2i2?

Screen Shot 2023-05-20 at 5.10.13 PM

It should be possible to install the Scarlett as a “stereo” device in Audacity and record two separate tracks, you and the guest.

It’s absolutely possible you are recording the built-in microphone of your MBP rather than the Scarlett. And yes that will just give you one.

You can make good use of the scratch test. Never blow into a microphone, but you can scratch them to identify which one is active.


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