Can't record vst sound running on Anvil...

…can this be done? I wanted to record the better- sounding strings available on Anvil, using my yamaha keyboard as the controller. Not looking to import midi into audacity, just the sound created by anvils vst. Kind of new to this, so hope my terminology is right! I’m using an Edirol UA-4fx as midi interface, connected to laptop by usb. I thought that once I found the sound I was looking for using Anvil (MIDI freeware), I could open a track on audacity and simply record through the usb, but I wasn’t able to get any audio to show up to be recorded. I can hear the vst fine through headphones connected to the edirol device. I had the UA-4fx set as input and output device, which has worked in the past for recording guitar and mics (this is also my audio capture device), and I just figured what I hear through headphones should be recordable, but it is not the case. I played around with the inputs and output also, to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks


Two methods:

  1. Run Anvil on one computer. Run Audacity on another computer. Connect the “line out” of the Anvil computer to the “Line In” of the Audacity computer. This is the simple and reliable method but requires 2 computers. The Audacity computer should have a “line level” input (not just a “mic” input).

  2. Run both programs on one computer and set up the sound system to record what is being played. This is not always easy to do (depending on hardware and drivers). See here for more information:

Thanks for the reply Steve, I’ll try your suggestions.