Cant record using Numark Mix Track Pro


Im really enjoying Serato DJ intro as my DJ software but I cant seem to record my mixes. I saw this link… Bought a splitter as suggested but still cant record and I’m capturing back ground noises. I’m using windows 8 and my laptop is a Lenovo Z400/ Need your assistance. HELP

That link comes up with “page not found”. Do you mean this page?
Did you select “Built-In Input / LINE input” as the recording input in the device toolbar as suggested in that tutorial?

Apperciate the response. The drop downs dont show for some reason, i cant see the built in input

Click on “Help > Audio Device Info”, then copy the full contents from the info window that appears, and paste it into your reply.

Unfortunately that guide was written for Mac computers. Your input in Device Toolbar will look something like “Line in ()”.

If your laptop only has a mic input and you cannot change it to line level input, you will get poor quality - perhaps only mono. In that case you should buy a USB sound card or interface that has a line input, like those made by Behringer.