Cant record through mic jack on pc

Hi. Firstly kept getting error opening recording device. searched forum and found changing to wasapi sorted it. TRYING TO RECORD FROM RECORD DECK THROUGH MIXER INTI MIC PORT ON PC. nothing is happening. Tried it on my laptop and works ok but cant get it to work on desktop. First time user.

any help would be apprieciated


Mic-in should “work” but it’s “wrong” because a line-level or headphone signal is about 100 times stronger and you’ll get poor quality. And, the mic input is usually mono.

Does you PC have line-in? (usually blue). Or some computers have switchable inputs and it will ask , “What did you plug-in?”

Make sure you select the Line-input as your Recording Device.

And make sure the line-input isn’t blocked by your Privacy Settings.

Hi. Have found line in and connected but still nothing. Checked all privacy and mic settings and they are all good. Press record and nothing happens. I’m at a loss🤷‍♂️

Are you sure you’re getting a signal out of the mixer? Do you have an amplifier, or a stereo? Or you can try the analog inputs on your TV, etc.

You can also try Listen To This Device to check if Windows is getting anything.

Or, you can try plugging something else into the computer (a CD/DVD player, or your phone, etc.).

Hi. Got it sorted. I hadn’t selected the line in😩. Thanks for your help.

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