Can't record through bass pod xt

Just purchased a line 6 bass pod pro xt. Downloaded updated drivers and audacity recognises the pod as recording device. The pod connects through usb into my laptop. When trying to record bass the recording graph movement is minute although settings are on maximum. When stooped it says recording is lost due to competing with other things. My microphone is disabled so it can’t be that. Sorry not very technical, just wondered if there were any ideas why its not working.

Just checking on the Internet there are lots of configuration options for that thing… It might be easy to mess something up. Maybe there’s a Line 6 forum where you can get some help.

Have you used the Bass POD before? The Line 6 website lists it as a “legacy product”, so if you bought it used and you’ve never tried it maybe it’s gone bad.

Are you getting a good analog signal out of the headphone jack? Are you sure your bass & bass cable are good?

…You might want to pick-up a cheap USB-guitar interface just to have around for “troubleshooting purposes”. (I’m not a guitar or bass player so I don’t have one of those, but I do have a USB soundcard that I keep around for troubleshooting or as a backup.)