Can't record streaming

I can’t seem to setup recording audio from the soundcard on my Mac OS X 10.8.5

I tried the steps in this article and have SoundFlower installed.

I’m wondering if that’s not working correctly. I can’t seem to get the audio to output to my system using SoundFlower Bed either. Is that an indication? What’s my next step here or what info might you need from me?

You can hear the show perfectly well before you did all that, right? And you could hear Audacity playback?

Do you get the Audacity red sound meters pulsing and blue waves when you start recording? There’s a common misconception that if you can’t hear it, it’s not being recorded. Those are two different things.

Can you return everything to normal?


Everything back to normal now, I never can get the waveform to show up. I used to be able to ages ago but have since updated OS and Audacity versions. It’s been a good 8-10 months at least since I was able to do this. Currently I can hear any video I’d like to record but Audacity doesn’t record anything no matter what I set.

Oh and I’m running Audacity 2.0.5 and Soundflower 1.6.6

Also, if I import an mp3 into Audacity it plays fine. Seems as though it’s just not getting the input

Audacity > Generate > Noise > OK.

Play that. Can you hear it? You get the blue waves and the green sound meters, right?


Yup that works great…well if you like noise :wink:

if you like noise

If it didn’t sound like noise I’d be very concerned.

I’m not sure where to go with this. I don’t think we’ve ever had SoundFlower permanently fail.

You could have permissions issues.
Go > Utilities > Disk Utilities > select your mounted drive > Verify Disk and Repair Permissions.

We have had people install stuff wrong on Macs. This is a reading from the SoundFlower ReadMe.rtf


Inter-application Audio Driver

Soundflower is a virtual audio device that provides an
easy and simple way for Max/MSP and other applications
to send and receive audio to and from any other application.  
Running with very low latency and cpu usage, Soundflower
allows each client application to use its usual buffer size.

Installing Soundflower
Run the Soundflower Installer.pkg.  You will be asked for
an administrator account password.  One file, Soundflower.kext,
will be installed in the Extensions Folder.  

Using Soundflower
Soundflower presents itself as one of two coreaudio devices. 
In most cases, you will want to use the 2-channel device.

To send the output of one application to another, simply select
Soundflower as the output device within the first application
and Soundflower as the input device within the second

If an application does not allow you to specify audio devices,
you can make Soundflower the default input or output device
inside the Sound panel in the System Preferences, or with
the Audio MIDI Setup utility application.

The 16-channel device is provided for more complex routing
situations, and can be used with more than two applications
simultaneously if the applications support audio routing to any
channel, as Max/MSP does.

Note that Soundflower's audio channels represent a global audio
space.  If more than one application is sending its output to the
same channel, the audio will be mixed.  If you want an application
to send and receive audio through Soundflower, (for instance using
Max/MSP to manipulate and return another application's audio)
you must send and receive the audio on different audio channels
or a feedback loop will be created.

To send audio from iTunes to Max/MSP, open the System 
Preferences and select Soundflower (2ch) as the device for
sound output inside the Sound panel.  Then, inside Max/MSP's 
DSP Status Window, select Core Soundflower (2ch) as the input 
device.   All output of iTunes should now be sent to Max/MSP's 
adc~ object.

If you are hearing clicks or breakups, try increasing the buffer size of
both applications (set within each application).

Removing Soundflower
From an account with administrator privileges, double-click on
the Uninstall Soundflower.scpt file.  This will run an
AppleScript, in which you will be asked for your password.

The Soundflower Change Log is maintained online at:

A more detailed history can be found at:

Wow never knew I needed to do that…there’s lots wrong. Will repair and try again.

Crud…no dice. Repaired fine and still nada. What’s interesting is i downloaded and tried Hijack Pro and it works fine. I guess I can use this for now. I prefer having control in Audacity though

Go to the Mac Sound Preferences, on the Output tab, select Soundflower 2ch and turn the output slider up. Leave Soundflower 2ch selected. Click the Input tab, select Soundflower 2ch and turn the input slider up. Soundflower output and input levels must be turned up. You don’t have to leave the Soundflower 2ch selected as input device for recording in Audacity.


Anyone have any other thoughts or suggestions on this issue?

Did you try Can't record streaming - #11 by Gale_Andrews ?


Yes, no luck at all still.

Have you installed other competing virtual devices like “Greatdy” that are trying unsuccessfully to do the same thing?

Have you tried opening /Applications/Soundflower, running “Uninstall Soundflower.scpt” (try double-clicking it) then reinstall Soundflower?


I don’t have Greatdy but did install Audio Hijack Pro that does work.

I’ll try the uninstall and reinstall

No luck

Audacity does not make Soundflower. It works on most machines. Perhaps you should ask here or here .


I’ll see if I can find anything on the soundflower forum and perhaps post. Any way I can test Soundflower to be sure it’s working?

From your description, it appears not to be working.

My guess is that you installed some other audio routing tool that is conflicting with it. But you should ask how to test Soundflower on Cycling74.