Can't record stereo mix with Audacity[SOLVED]

I’ve been using Audacity successfully for at least 2 years on my Windows XP system. I just set up a new system with Windows 7 with the sound going through the Asus M5A97 motherboard. There seems to be no problem with the sound. It plays through WinAmp (and even through Audacity if I drag in a file). I installed version 2.2.0 from the .exe file.

However, when I attempt to record something with Audacity (say, from YouTube), no sound reaches the program. The sources show MME and Windows Direct Sound - both do nothing. I can’t say I really understand much of this, but I’ve played with every combination with those sources: (Primary Sound Driver, Speakers [Realtek High Def], Realtek Digital Output). And I’ve tried both Line In and Primary Sound Capture Driver. None of them work; no sound shows coming into Audacity.

Any ideas?

Line-in does not record computer playback unless you connect a cable from the audio out to line-in. So you need to go into Windows and see if the sound device on your new computer has an input that can record computer playback without the cable.

For help, please read this Tutorial: .


Tutorial was informative. It now works perfectly. Thanks so much.