Can't record stereo mix on new Windows 7 computer [SOLVED]

When I try to record or play something on my current computer I get the following message:

Error while open sound device.Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate.]

I have a windows 7 computer with an inbuilt sound card: NVidia High Defintion Audio. When I try to acces the line-in option, I’m told that the option is working perfect.

The same when I try to pay an MP3-file. Then I get the same message:

Error while open sound device.Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate.]

What can I do? Audacity worked fine with Windows XP.

I don’t know that there’s an easy answer other than the sound data standards that Audacity is using don’t match the device. Or possibly you’re trying to access the wrong device.


Well, that wasn’t much help. :imp:

So let us take it from another angle:

If Audacity don’t work with the inbuilt card, then what can I do?

Do you know about anything I can use instead.

Or should I simply smash up my new, expensive computer with the fantastic sound card and the Windows 7-crap OP. Right now I have an urgent need to throw the computer out of the window.

Sometimes you can set the Audacity sound standards to something plain and ordinary and it will start working.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Quality > Sampling: 44100, 16-bit.
Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Devices > Recording: Whatever your device is, Stereo.

Then try it again Mono if that fails.


Well, sorry for my little outburst yesterday but it was long past midnight and I’m suffering from a severe flu as well so after 4 hours of tampering with this I wasn’t in my best mood, to say the least.

Anyway, for some reason Audacity works when I try to play something. But it’s impossible to record anything. It looks like my new computer with its in-built sound card simply lack that function.

Any suggestion what I should do now, except for buying a new computer?

It’s a shame really since I really like Audacity and I’ve been very happy with the program during the last years and it did work perfectly on my old Windows XP computer.

Honestly, I thought that a new computer with a new sound card should have all the functions the old one had. Not to mention that since upgrading to Windows 7, I had to buy a new scanner, a new gamepad and my old FIFA Football game isn’t compatible with Windows 7 so I had to buy a newer game which is a weak copy of the old one.

And I’ve heard that Windows 8 is even worse. What are they doing at Microsoft?

I’ve had a hacking cough myself - not much fun is it :frowning:
On top of that, one of the most common areas that computer manufacturer’s cut corners to keep the price down is the sound card. They generally think that as long as it’ll beep on an error and make that crinkling sound when you empty the trash, that’s good enough, and anyone else can upgrade their sound card.
As if that were not enough, the Windows Sound system was redesigned for Vista and has remained rather unhelpful for recording purposes ever since.

The good news is that these problems can be solved. I’m finding that Max Strength Lemsip works quite well for the first issue.

If you want to make good quality recordings, then at some stage you will probably need to upgrade the sound card, which is not as bad as it sounds as quite good USB sound cards are reasonably inexpensive, but let’s see if we can get something working with what you currently have (success is not guaranteed, but worth a go).

The error “Error while open sound device.Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate.” doesn’t tell us a great deal, other than Audacity is unable to access the audio device. Because Audacity can’t access it, Audacity can not know what the problem is, other than the device is unavailable. It’s like if someone does not answer their phone, you don’t know if it’s because they are not there, or just not answering, or are busy, or whatever, just that they are not answering.

So the current situation is that Audacity will play back audio, but produces an error when you try to record?
There are two very similar messages, so please post (word for word) what the exact message is that you are getting now.

Windows handles “recording” and “playback” as separate “devices”.
Audacity selects which playback and which recording device to use according to the settings in the device toolbar.
In order that Audacity can access these devices, they must be enabled and working in Windows.
Have a look in the Windows Sound Control Panel in the Recording tab and ensure that the device that you want to record from is not hidden, not disabled, and that the recording level is turned up.

Let us know how you get on and we’ll take it from there.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

It’s working! :slight_smile:

I lloked at the tips I got from steve and after some searching I did find a device called Stereo Mix standard unit. It was inactivated so I activated it and then everything started work ther way I wanted.

So thanks steve and Koz for your help. Thanks to you, I can continue to work with this fantastic program again, even on Windows 7.

Once again, thanks a lot for help and support!