Can't Record Second Track

I’m using version 2.3.3 of Audacity and Windows 10 Home version 1909.

I’m brand new to Audacity. I hit record, and get a first track. Great. Now I create a new track and hit record again. Nothing. The cursor turns red, but nothing records.

I’ve looked at the following resources but found nothing that solves my problem:

Any advice on how to record a second track?

What are you recording?
What equipment are you using?
What settings are you using in the Device Toolbar? (
Do you get an error message? If so, what does it say?

  1. I’m recording my voice.

  2. It looks like the issue occurs when I’m using my Blue Raspberry USB microphone. If I unplug the Raspberry microphone, everything works as expected.

  3. Device Toolbar settings: MME, Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input, 1 (Mono) Recording Channel, Headphones (Raspberry)

  4. No error message.

Note again that the first track records just fine. (I can’t hear it out of my headphones plugged into the Raspberry, but that’s a different issue.)

If I change the “Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input” to “Microphone (Raspberry)” I have the exact same problem.

In the device toolbar, the recording device should be set to the Blue Raspberry rather than Microsoft Sound Mapper.

If you import an good audio file into Audacity and play it, can you hear that through your headphones plugged into the Raspberry?