Can't record second track while listening to first track with headphones

Hello, everyone!
When I try to record a second track while listening to the first track using my headphones, I get the following message: Error opening recording device. Error code: -9999 Unanticipated host error.
It works fine when I record the first track using headphones, or when I record the second track without headphones and using my speakers instead, but I can’t do both at the same time.
Any help?

There could be a sampling-rate mis-match between your input and output devices. You usually want 44100 or 48000. Look in the lower left-hand corner of your Audacity window (Project Rate). Sometimes that rate gets changed to 32000 which may be good for Zoom and Skype.

Then check your input (Recording) and ouput (Playback) rates. These are found by right-clicking the speaker icon in the Windows Task Bar in lower right-hand corner of your screen; select Sounds > (Playback/Recording) > [select playback/recording device] > Properties > Advanced > Default Format. Change these rates so they all match.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

Changing the sampling-rate fixed the problem! Thank you so much :smiley:

:smiley: You are welcome! :smiley: