Can't record on new track

Windows 10
Audacity 2.3.2

I’m new to Audacity and recording in general, so please forgive me for a dumb question. I don’t even know what keywords to use to search for this problem.

I’ve imported a backing track into Audacity, and have created a second track below it. I want to record my bass on the second track. My problem is, no matter what I do, when I hit the record button, it begins recording at the end of the first track (the one with the backing track), and not on the new empty track that I created below it. I’ve placed the cursor on the empty track, and even clicked on the select button. I’ve tried all kinds of different things, and looked for possible settings, but can’t find anything. I am hoping to find some help here.

Thank you!

To record to a new track:
“Shift key + Record botton”
“Shift + R”

Shift+R rather than just R. That will start a new track. In your case, that may be track 3.

If trying to remember the Shift key is a pain, you can change R and Shift+R around in Edit > Preferences > Recording > [X] Record On a New Track.

If you’re overdubbing, also remember to set [X] Play Other Tracks when Recording (Overdub).


Thank you for those answers. Very helpful!