can't record on Audacity update

I have updated to v2.3.2. The older version could record records through the USB port very well, but suddenly I got no recording or track when I pressed “Record”. I got a message something about a timeline shift. Messing with F5 and the timeline tool did nothing. I updated to v 2.3.2 and It still won’t record. I have not made any changes to the original downloaded settings.

What are you trying to record?
What are your settings in the device toolbar?

Steve, Version 2.3.2, I am using factory settings unmodified. I had an older version that worked fine until somehow it wouldn’t record. The same problem occurs iin the updated 2…3.2 where I get a message that the timeline is disabled. I am recording vinyl records through a record player with speaker outlet and then through a behringer external adapter with a line output to a USB output.

Ensure that the USB device is connected before you launch Audacity.

Then launch Audacity, and in the device toolbar, set “host” to “MME” and the recording device to the USB option (if the Behringer is the only connected USB audio device, it should be easy to spot).

You can safely ignore the message on the Timeline - that’s about “Quick Play” and is not relevant to recording.