Can't record off internet

Windows 11. Audacity version 3.2.5. When I attempt to record from internet, nothing records. there is just a small amount of movement on the record waveform. Upon playback, there is just a slight hissing without any music. What am I missing? Problem with settings? Please HELP!

Please see: Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows - Audacity Manual


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I’ve just found a similar problem on Win 10, No matter what settings I use, the only source for recording is the microphone. I’ve been through all the options - MME, Windows direct, Windows WASPI along with the source options. I’ve been to thw Windows>Sounds>Recording and there are microphones, line in, and stereo mix which is ‘ready’, but if I select StereoMix as the Audacity source, there is no signal. A couple of weeks ago, I could press ‘record’ in Audacity and it would wait until I pressed play in Firefox, and then record - magic!

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OK, after the last updates from Microsoft, it all works again. For now. Sorry to have wasted anyone’s time. And for the record, the Audacity settings are Windows - WASAPI and Speakers.

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