Can't record my piano keyboard on windows 8!! Need Help!

I was trying record my piano keyboard on my laptop(windows 8). I know that usually laptops have two jacks, one for headphone and one for recording. But my windows 8 has a combined one. Anyway, I used TRS cable to connect piano keyboard and the laptop. But audacity couldn’t record anything. I think I have to adjust something on my computer, but I have no idea how. Anyone can help me with this?

While it is possible to unscramble that (it’s designed for a Skype-type headset), what you may be left with is a distorted mono recording.

I use a stereo USB sound adapter designed for music and high quality sound work.

That’s a Behringer UCA-202. Other people make similar devices, but be careful you don’t buy something like the Startech ICUSBAUDIO.

That just duplicates connections you already have. I use one because my machine doesn’t have connections for a microphone or headset.

The UCA-202 is one of the devices I certified for Overdubbing /Sound-On-Sound if you get that far. What’s why there’s earbuds plugged in.


Like Koz says, you shouldn’t be using a mic input to record a line level (or headphone-level signal). In fact, I wouldn’t recommend the mic input on a laptop or consumer soundcard for any “serious” recording. They tend to be low quality and the don’t properly interface with good stage/studio microphones, which are low-impedance balanced.

Anyway, I used TRS cable to connect piano keyboard and the laptop.

If you ever want to use the mic input, you need a [u]TRRS plug[/u] which is a little longer with the microphone connection at the tip.

So what should I use then? I don’t think what Koz said is gonna work. I want audacity to directly record my keyboard while I’m playing.

The above is how I do it.

I do have one cable missing from the description. I have a “Y” cable at the keyboard. One branch goes to the UCA202 and the other to the powerful sound system.

If you do intend to overdub, you’ll need to get the sound from the UCA202. The Behringer has a little mixer inside so you can hear your live play and the older sound tracks or guide tracks.


You can totally use an adapter cable to plug an external microphone into that hole. I have the parts of an experiment to see how well I can make that work for field recordings. But it is mono, not stereo and it overloads very easily.

If you made a legitimate connection to the computer using a TRS to TRRS adaptor, then you can choose the audio input in Audacity’s Device Toolbar. You may need first to go into Windows Sound ( Missing features - Audacity Support ) to enable the input.

But if you care about the quality of what you are recording you should buy a USB interface. Connect the keyboard to the interface and set Audacity to record from the interface.