Cant record microphone + computer speakers (help)

Hey guys i dont know why i cant record the whole computer output and input. right now i only succeeded to record just microphone or just computer output (speakers). while trying to play with my options i found that:
windows wasapi - record my speakers
MME - record my microphone
how can i record both in one session?

i have windows 8 and audacity 2.0.5

Audacity records from only one source at a time.

If you are trying to record Skype, use, or other tool meant for the job.

If you are recording a commentary on a game, use FRAPS

If you must use Audacity, you can unmute the mic on the Playback tab of Windows “Sound” (this is the best solution but few computers can do it) - double-click the speakers or headset you are using, then click the “Levels” tab.

Or you can send what the mic records to your audio output using Windows “Listen to this device” (this will have latency):

Now the audio output also contains the input, you can record it with Stereo Mix or Windows WASAPI loopback. See


i did it and it helped me but skype disable this option. what can i do to speak with skype with this option?

What are you using - “Listen to this device”?

You still have not said what you are trying to do - what are you recording with your mic and what is the computer playback you want to record at the same time? You can choose the Skype playback and recording devices in its settings.

If the objective is to record Skype calls, just use one of the applications I already indicated - it’s simpler. :wink:


i have another problem, when i record windows WASABI it doesnt record with no sound is working … how can i fix this?!

We can’t help you unless you say what your objective is - is what you are trying to do a state secret? :wink:

Windows WASAPI doesn’t generally record if there is no stream - that’s correct. It might carry on recording if you start the stream then stop recording.

If you want to reliably record the noise floor of the speakers you will have to use stereo mix. Or record when there is sound, and pad the other areas by generating silence.