cant record into my recorder

hi guys

i cant seem to record into my computer…i just got a new computer a dell insperion and i can play an lp but i cant seem to record any records into the computer.there is sound coming into the speakers from my turntable but it doesnet go into
the cumputer…im using windows 7 and the soundcard is the turtle beach audio advantage srm…help


Hi again Lenny,
You know the procedure, give us the details :wink:

My Turntable - make/model
What sort of output from the TT?
Phono pre-amp?

Do you get anything on the recording meters in Audacity?

hi steve…

ok the turntable is technics sl-bd22
yep a preamp (rolls brand)

output from my turntable?where would i look for that info?i think its a usb turntable.

theres nothing going into audacity nothing on the meters…no waves…


ps i tried using the on board recorder…it works but again no sound on playback…going in yes coming out no.

Is there a USB lead or a USB socket on the turntable?

So how have you got that connected? RCA plugs from the turntable to RCA sockets on the pre-amp?
How is the pre-amp connected to the computer? An audio lead to the line-in on your sound card or a USB lead or something else?

its got socket and lead usb on the turntable.i have the turntanle connected to the preamp…then out to the line in on the exterior sound card…i dont think audacity is compatable with windows 7 which is on this new computer.