Can't Record - HELP! (Thanks in advance)

I am on a mac, OS 10.6.8
Using a Fast Track mixer, USB in.
Fast Track shows up in my mac System Preferences, and I can record fine in garageband.
In Audacity I have selected Fast Track as input device, but I get no input levels.
No sounds seems to be coming in.

I would much rather use audacity than garageband.

There’s a handful of items. Which Audacity do you have?

Close Audacity. All the way. Audacity > Quit Audacity.

Make sure Apple > Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input is pointing to the mixer, and Hardware > Sound > Output is pointed to your speakers, built-in-output of wherever you think they should be going.

Start Audacity. Audacity > Preferences > Devices and make sure those are pointed to the right places and are in Stereo.

Audacity > Preferences > Quality set for 44100, 16-bit. > OK.

From the Audacity main window, there are drop-downs for both recording and playback. Make sure those match everything else you did so far.

Control Click (or right-click if you have that kind of mouse) anywhere inside the red recording meters and Start Monitoring. That makes the meters active so you can test without actually going into record.

Play something in the system. I expect that to do something.

I’m being completely obsessive with those settings. You normally don’t have to go through all that; there are shortcuts. But since we don’t know what’s wrong yet…


Ha Ha looks hopeful… it was that I had it at 32 bit instead of 16 bit, also stereo instead of mono.
Can you tell me why mono won’t record?

and also why stereo only has waveform in one band?

Have you tried setting both Audacity and Apple > Preferences to mono?
What happens?

Which version of the Fast Track are you using?

Do you have both a left and right input connected to the mixer?


…found a workaround, which is to record on the one channel in stereo, (it won’t record in mono)
then on Audio Track on left of track I “split stereo to mono” and can even copy and paste to duplicate the track.