Can't record from tape deck Windows 10/HP TouchSmart 520

I’m trying to transfer cassette recordings to my PC. I have to admit I’m brand new to this kind of stuff and I can’t get a signal from the cassette deck at all. This HP has Beats Audio, can that program be defeating attempts to run a line-level source into the PC? I don’t know, but I’d appreciate any help. Thanks.

Make sure you’ve selected the [u]Recording Device[/u] that you’re actually connected to.

How are you connected? I don’t think your computer has a line input… Headphone-out or line-out from the cassette player into the computer’s microphone input should “work” but the mic input is too sensitive for a line/headphone signal and the mic input is probably mono.

If your computer doesn’t have a regular soundcard with a line input, you need an external USB audio interface in order to get the best quality [u]Behringer UCA[/u] is popular and inexpensive. (Don’t get a regular “USB soundcard” because they are like laptops with only mic-in and headphone-out.)

I tried rca left/right out of the cassette deck into the 3.5mm mic input. No waveforms at all. I’ll look into the USB/sound card. I can’t believe HP Touchsmart 520s don’t have a separate dedicated line-in port. Thanks.