Cant record from start

SO I can record onto a track but only at the end of the track. it will only start the recording at the end of the track as it wont allow me to select it to record from the begining or somewhere in the middle. I have had a look at the manual and looked at the topic for recording but I can not find any thing in it for it hear though

Are you wanting to record over/replace the whole recording drom your proposed start point?

Or are you looking to just patch in a little bit to replace it?


Actully I am looking at running one backing track, and one blank track and to record on the blank track from the start. If this is not possible then just to record over/ ontop of the backing track from the start


Review any punch-in/out settings, making sure they encompass the entire track or the specific section you intend to record.

In which case just use Shift + Record - but make sure your cursor (play/record position) is at T=0

See: Recording - Audacity Manual

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Punch in punch out settings?

I was about to give that one a try, But it appears my Audacity wont load up!

OK so I now have linux bug back up and working again!

Running Audacity with my MP3 file on the screen. And I press Shift+R keys anywhere with moues pointing on the screen. And it automaticlly brings me up a blank record screen and starts recording from the start

So I think that little short cut has just about done everything I wanted hear!


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Glad we got you sorted.


It’s always satisfying when you find a shortcut or feature that streamlines your workflow.

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