Can't record from Presonus if Audio Out not set to Realtek. Error -9999

Windows 7
Audacity 2.3.2 (upgraded to 2.3.3 but didn’t help)

I’m almost certain that I’ve previously (before I moved) been able to record from my Presonus interface while listening on Presonus headphones.
But now I can only record if the Audacity sound output is set to Realtek (computer’s soundcard).
I can play back a recording from Presonus if I change the output to Presonus.
I have tried every possible combination of settings in Playback. Right now it’s has both Realtek and Presonus active with Presonus set as the default (When I click the Test button they both work). I’ve tried deactivating Realtek, but nothing.

Is something broken? Thanks in advance.

Which particular Presonus unit?

The first thing to check is that you plug in your Presonus unit before starting Audacity.

Next, check that Audacity’s project rate (lower left-hand corner) is the same as both the device’s Recording and Playback Default rate. See mmsys.cpl: Recording/Playback, Properties, Advanced.

It’s Audiobox USB 96, but in any case THANK YOU! The Audiobox recording setting in Windows was set to 48000, while Audiobox player setting and Audacity were 44100. Changing the Audiobox recording setting to 44100 fixed the problem instantly.

Thanks again. I really appreciate your help. :slight_smile: