Cant record from PC!!

Hi, I just downloaded Audacity. I wanted to record music from my computer inn to Audacity. I pressed Record and this came up: “Error when opening the sound-unit. Please check the units settings and computerrate for the project.” I went to the settings and under “Recordingunits” it was blank.

How do I record from PC :question:



Go into the Windows Control Panel and make sure that you have a recording input enabled.
See here for details:

The recording input that appears are line and mic. But there shoud’ve been a steriomix or something more on that list.

<<<But there shoud’ve been a steriomix or something more on that list.>>>

Is there an advanced selection or extra settings?

There should’ve been if the maker of the sound card provided one. The ability to reverse a sound card and run it in both directions at once is supplied by the maker of the card. It’s optional. See if the sound card maker has drivers on their web site.


Theres no extra settings. I got the Realtek High Definition audio device and the latest driver is downloaded. Still nothing happens.

If your computer doesn’t supply the pathways with internal services and drivers, you can get the same effect with software like Total Recorder.

I’ve been using my licenses for years.


If you have a large deskside PC or a Mac, you can plug the Line-Out into the Line-In, adjust the sound levels and record that way, but most laptop PCs don’t have Line-In. Mic-In is mono, not stereo and distorts very easily.