Can't Record from Edirol UA-5

Using Mojave 10.4.6 and Audacity 2.3.2

I have a cassette player connected to the input of my Edirol UA-5. I have iShowU audio capture in sound preference. I have tried multiple configurations of input and output sources in my Mac sound preferences sources and in the audacity program. I have downloaded today again the recent iShow audio capture.

Input sources used: iShowU Audio capture, edirol UA-5 and output iShowU And Edirol on Mac sound preference; Output Sources on Mac sound preferences: iShow and Edirol UA5; and iShow and Edirol UA5 and built-in output in Audacity. I have also tried with software playthrough on and off, and have had no luck in recording the signal.

With the cassette playing and connected to the Edirol ( and Edirol connected to the USB on the Mac, on the Mac’s sound preferences I can see the input levels moving when the input is set to iShow or Edirol, so I assume the sound is transferring to the Mac through the USB port that is connected to the Edirol.

I am very close to recording or else this is not possible with the Edirol UA-5 and I may need something to replace it; but I hope not.

I would appreciate insight into this.

thank you,


Why have you installed “iShowU audio capture”?