Can't record from computer

I’ve been using Audacity for the past 2 years, recording Skype calls. But recently, Audacity stopped recording any form of noise from my computer! I can record from my microphone, but it won’t record from my computer, no matter where I tell it to record from.

My Audacity is 2.0.0, My computers is a Toshiba Satellite C675D-S7109 running on windows7.

Anyone have any ideas/solutions?

What was the event? Did you upgrade from Windows XP to Win7? Recording from your microphone is normal, expected behavior. Recording from the computer is not.

And recording from Skype is black magic. Were you able to get both sides of the conversation? That’s most unusual and we usually tell people it can’t be done without special software and conditions.

Self-Recording or recording from Stereo-Mix, WAV-Out or What-U-Hear isn’t well supported in Win7 or Vista – certainly not like it was under Windows XP. If you click on the Hardware toolbar and don’t see any of those settings under Input, then you may need special software.

How did you have your old computer set up to record Skype?


Hi folks. I am new to audacity and was told i could record music from youtube and put them on to my ipod. A couple of my friends live in new york and have formed a band with some locals. They have posted some songs from there gig on youtube and i would like to put them on my ipod, but don’t know how to. I have audacity 2.0. It does record from youtube but it also records all other noise from the room i’m in. could anyone help?

See here:

For YouTube it is better to “download” rather than “Record”. There are several free plug-ins available for Firefox that enable downloading YouTube videos.