Can't record from cassette player

Hi all, I’m a beginner on audacity software.

Previously I have assist other people to record sound from cassette player it works fine after few tough time trying.

But yesterday when i try to record it to my tablet, it seems having lots of problem.
My tablet: Acer Iconia W7
OS: Windows 8

My current software setting:

Toolbar → edit–> preference:

Host: MME
Playback device: Speakers (Realtek high Definition)
Recording Device: Microphone Array (USB PnP Audio)
Channels: 2 (Stereo)

Software Playthrough: Listen while recording or monitoring new track

*** Problem/error****

  1. Everything when i try to play the cassette player while recording, the recording will go missing after few seconds
  2. Once i click on the stop (yellow button), the entire recording will go missing and become blank

Can anyone assist me on this, i really do not know where goes wrong because i works perfectly fine when other people


Please refer to the attachment for additional input for troubleshooting

Check the location of the Audacity temp folder. Look in “Edit > Preferences > Directories”.
What is happening is that the temp files (the actual audio data) is either not being written or is being deleted, so the waveform only exists for the few seconds of data that are cached in ram.
The temp directory must be writeable and have sufficient space for the audio data.
Also check that the temp folder is not being “cleaned” by any security/maintenance applications that you may have installed.

I try to save the project first as per post ( because our problems are quite similar but it prompts error whenever i try to save a project

You should not normally write user data to the root folder. Unless you are logged in as an administrator Windows will not usually allow you to do so.

Try saving to your Documents folder or to your Desktop.

Also, please try to avoid posting massive images in your posts. Images up to about 500 pixels will fit nicely into forum posts.

500 pixels

Per direction, not total.

500 pixels tall or 650 wide. Whichever comes first.


Hi steve, it works when i change to different path. Thanks a lot
Now it works except got some hiccups when the USB cannot be recognised by my tablet

Hi Koz, I will be careful next time

Even if Windows lets you write where you want, you should never save Audacity projects inside your Audacity temporary folder. Look at Edit > Preferences… then “Directories” to make sure you know where your Audacity temp folder is, so that you don’t save projects insider that folder.