Cant Record Electric Drums

Hey everyone. I have an Alesis Strike Pro Kit that I would like to record. I have had a lot of trouble doing so and even tried on other DAWs to no avail. I would like to use the sounds in the module, and I have connected the 2 main outs from the module into inserts one and 2 in my Behringer umc204hd. However when I go to the preferences, all it allows me to record are the audio inputs in front, I don’t know how to get a signal from the inserts in the back. Please help.

The “Insert” connectors on the back of the Behringer umc204hd are not normal inputs. They are for connecting additional hardware effects such as compressors. Use the inputs on the front with 1/4" Jack plugs.

The analog output from the drum kit should be a regular 2-channel stereo mix of all the drums/cymbals. If the drums have a separate headphone output, it should be the same thing you hear in the headphones.

Are you trying to record something else at the same time?

Thank you guys so much, I tried what you said and put a 1/4 inch cable into my headphone jack on the module and I can hear it now!! You would not believe how many hours I wasted trying to do that on my own so huge thanks to you guys. Only one thing, I noticed the quality was not nearly as good coming through my interface when compared to when I just play them on the drum module with headphones. I don’t know if this is a problem with cables, the module, the interface, or the DAW. There is this irritating buzz in the background and it seems like there is extra distortion. Any way to make a noise threshold on the interface or DAW that can fix these problems, or just make the quality better overall?