Can't record a noise profile - mic cuts out

I’ve been using Audacity for a few months to edit podcast recordings. I ask people to record 15 seconds of room noise as part of the audio file they send me. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t - I’m guessing it is due to their individual recording setup, but I can’t be sure. With my own setup (Microsoft USB headset into laptop) I am also struggling to get a decent noise profile, see the image below as an example.


Here I poked the mic to activate it, but it seems to cut off after 5 seconds. Is this just a hardware issue or is there some setting in windows/audacity that can force the mic to stay active? or is it because I’ve been poking my mic too much :confused:

And if there isn’t any setting I can tweak to force the mic, does anyone have any tips for getting a decent noise profile with these hardware limitations? Some of the audio files I get through have a lot of noise when the person is talking, so there is definitely some junk I need to strip out.


A noise-gate is being applied somewhere.
Windows audio enhancements (recording tab) is the usual culprit

Thanks, probably should have said, I read some other posts and tired that. It doesn’t seem to make an effect. Even when I record through my laptop’s internal mic it doesn’t pick up the room noise. I’m leaning towards thinking this is a Windows update thing, because I’m sure this didn’t used to happen.

There can be another layer of audio-enhancements, sometimes called MaxxAudio.

There are “adaptive” noise-reduction plugin$ which do not require a noise-profile …
Izotope RX 10 adaptive noise reduction in Audcaity3

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