Can't record a long held tone from keyboard

Hey everyone,

I’m currently recording with Audacity Version 2.1.2 on Windows 7, and it’s my first time recording at all.
We connected a Yamaha PS20 keyboard via the headphone-out/microphone-in, and it sounds alright.

The problem is that audacity refuses to record or even play any tone that is held longer than approximately 2-2.5 seconds. When I hold down any key on the keyboard it will sound for about that time and then just mute. The problem only occurs via audacity, not when I play it any other way.

Thanks for your help in advance.


Windows thinks your musical tones are hum and interference and is trying to get rid of them “for you.”

The Mic-In of a Windows 7 laptop is probably mono, not stereo. If you look at the Audacity sound meter, do both of the bouncing lights match? In a real stereo show, they’re not supposed to. Also, that connection overloads petty easy and can make the sound crunchy and popping.

After you get everything else settled and get used to production, you can improve the quality with a stereo USB interface such as the Behringer UCA-202.

That’s also one of the interfaces I certified for perfect overdubbing if you want to start playing several instruments and singing multiple parts in the same song.


Thanks a lot, that fixed the problem.

But you are probably right about needing to get some better equipment, I will look into it along the way and thanks for your recommendation and quick help.


I have two. That’s how I get my stereo sound mixer (on the right) into my Windows laptop (on the left). That’s not required for my Mac because I intentionally bought the Mac with Stereo Line-In already on-board.

A note on Overdubbing. Assuming the machine is up to it, you can set up for overdubbing (singing all three Andrews Sisters by yourself) on many different computers, but not perfect overdubbing. Most machines will not allow you to hear yourself while you’re singing. The UCA-202 has that little headphone connection that gives Zero Latency Monitoring. You can hear exactly what the finished track is going to sound like, including you.

And no, I don’t recommend earbuds for audio production. They were pretty and available for the photo.