can't record 2nd track using amp as input

Hello, I have successfully recorded in Audacity 2.3.2 using a Fender Mustang amp as input. However, if I record a track using another input device, then try to record a second track using the amp as input, Audacity tells me “error opening sound device -9997”, which indicates a sample rate error. But all the tracks say 44100 Hz and I can’t find any recording or playback parameters that do not match between the two tracks.

Any ideas?

What are you using for output?

In both cases, I’m using speakers connected to a docking station for output.

OK, I found the following in the manual:

Windows WASAPI: Recording from a USB device
You may get this error if you set Audacity to record from a USB device and playback through your onboard soundcard with the Audio Host set to WASAPI.

We believe that this is likely to be a problem with Microsoft’s WASAPI not liking working with two devices at once. There may probably be no fix that we can make in Audacity, but this issue is logged as a bug in Audacity and will continue to research this.

I changed to Audio Host to “Windows DirectSound” and I can now record the second track using my amp to feed into Audacity