Can't playback to USB headset


I’m running Audacity 2.0.2 on OS X 10.6.8 and I’ve suddenly lost the ability to playback through my Logitech USB headset. For years all versions of Audacity have worked flawlessly with this headset but all of a sudden it’s broken. The error is the familiar but vague: “Error while opening sound device. Please check the output device settings and the project sample rate.”

I’ve restarted the computer, downloaded the latest version of Audacity, confirmed that the headset works in other applications, etc. Only Audacity has the problem of playback not working. Recording with the headset seems to be fine. It’s only playback.

Any ideas?


Ensure that the headphones are connected and working before you launch Audacity, then check that you have selected the Logitech USB headset as the playback in the Device Toolbar: