can't playback project file

windows 10
I’m recording streaming audio music from my speakers, for which I have external altek speakers, in the sound device settings evidently the drivers are from realtek thats what I have enabled for both recording and playing in the windows ‘sound’ panel, my speakers work great

in audacity, I have selected windows WASAPI, (record)… speakers/headphones (Realtek Audio), 2 stereo Reconding channels , (playback)… speakers/headphones (Realtek Audio)

I have also set in the windows sound panel and audacity, so they match, to the default format to 24bit 41000hz, this was a suggested solution to this problem in an audacity forum post, these were different and not matching when I checked all this to trouble shoot

I can record and successfully export to mp3

when I attempt to playback the project file saved I get the dreaded ‘error opening sound device’…

so not sure what to try next

In the Device Toolbar, try selecting “MME” as the “host”, and your normal sound card output as the “playback” device.

thanks steve, that worked, so simple compared to all the other control panel changing, which didn’t work and messed other apps like zoom

and has saved about 50 hours of recordings,about 100gb, gonna take a while to go through that :astonished: