Can't playback exported mp3's from Audacity [SOLVED]

Long story short. I’m new, sorry if I do this incorrectly. I can’t figure out why I can playback my mp3’s. About 3 months ago I could upload a wav file into audacity convert it to mp3 and bam, I was done. But now, if I do that, I can’t play it back or hear it. And instead of showing the music symbol for the icon it’s just a blank page. I hope that makes enough sense for someone to help me, please, I really need help.

Open Device Toolbar and in the second box, choose the playback device that you want to use and check that it is functional and unmuted. Don’t choose a USB cassette player or USB turntable as playback device (please see Audacity Manual) .

If you are on Windows Vista or later, click the speaker icon by the system clock, then choose “Mixer”. Ensure the volume slider for Audacity is turned up and unmuted.

If you need more help, please state your Audacity version and version of Windows (see the pink panel at the top of this page.

Do you mean there is no icon or blank icon for an MP3 file in Windows Explorer? Please attach an image if it helps. Please see here for how to attach files: .


Still nothing… I am using Audacity 2.0.5
I don’t understand the problem. It worked perfectly fine before. I’ve done it plenty of times. I just recently noticed it won’t fully convert them to mp3?

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Read this carefully: . If you need to put dots in the MP3 file name, add “.mp3” (without quotes) at the end of the file name before saving. Audacity warns you about this, but you must have ignored the warning.

You still need to set Audacity to play to the correct audio device.


Okay. Thank you so much. I appreciate your help. It seems that adding the .mp3 has worked. Thank you again!