Can't playback a saved file.

I’m using the latest Audacity version (not the beta) and I don’t remember whether it was the zip or the .exe. I’m not an expert on Audacity but have used it. I recorded a file of about an hour and saved it in the usual way as far as I can remember. However it will not open for playback. The message says “(your file) is an Audacity Project file. Use the File Open command to open Audacity projects.” (Sorry, I can’t figure out how to copy and insert the actual message.) I can’t open that file any way I try. The file and its data file look normal and like all the other saved files I have, which open and play back without issue. A friend who teaches Audacity tried to solve this without success. Tnx.

Open the AUP file with a text editor Wordpad?? NotePad?? (don’t save anything). Does it look anything like this:

This was “cleaned up” a little so it’s easier to understand, but yours should look similar. Is it blank or have pages and pages of NUL NUL NUL?


Did you change the name of either the AUP file or the _DATA folder? You can’t change either one outside of the actual Audacity program.