Can't play audio

When I load an audio file and try to play it, the cursor RACES through the sound waves displayed on the screen in about a second. I can’t listen to anything, can;t add a voice recording to the instrumental track. The manuals don;t have any advice.

And it sounds like a chipmunk?
You have tried to import an unsupported file type.

I have the same problem. I downloaded Audacity Beta and it comes with a play-at-speed meter that I have to take down to 19x and it plays normally, but when I want to save the revised audio file, it still keeps the “chipmunk” playback. Does anyone know how I can save the audio file with corrections? Your input would be greatly appreciated. :smiley:

It plays what normally? You have not said what you are trying to play - where has it come from? Something you recorded? Something you downloaded?