Can't play at 1x speed


I set up Audacity yesterday and only set a single option for the sound activation level to be -44 and chose sound activated recording. Left everything else untouched. Now, I’m trying to playback the recording of about 4 hours at normal speed but when I choose the slider on the top middle of the window ‘playback speed’ to 1 and hit the green button next to it, it still seems to play my recording at a faster level and I can’t understand the speech. Was there something I needed to do when setting it to record?

What do I do?


What happens if you forget Variable Speed Play and go for the really big green Play button in the upper left? If that plays really fast, then your recording was made slow.

sound activation level to be -44

What’s your noise level? If your background noise never gets below -44dB, then Audacity will never see silence and straight record with no stopping the whole time.

playback the recording of about 4 hours

Audacity does not make a very good surveillance recorder. It can’t demand computer services and it has no way to know if the computer is failing to keep up, which can lead to slow recording and fast playback of the show.


If I hit big green button on upper left, playback appears fast and I cant hear. I suspect the recording was slow. Any options I need to change for that or should I look at another surveillance recorder and which one?


I’ve never had to install a surveillance system, so I have no hands-on. I know from other posts one very serious shortcoming is the inability to time-stamp. You can time recorded events, but it’s super painful. Ever try to calculate time on a calculator?

We can’t roll a recording, either. Delete from the end as we put new on the beginning.

Surveillance is a whole different world.


Then you could try setting a lower speed on the Play-at-Speed slider, or Effect > Change Speed….

Did you choose standard 44100 Hz project rate (bottom left) when you recorded?

What version of Audacity are you using? See the pink panel at the top of the page. If you save longer recordings as projects in Audacity 2.0.5 or earlier, they will reopen silenced. “Longer” means 13.5 hours at 44100 Hz, 6.75 hours at 88200 Hz and so on.